Taking Care Of YOU!

Published On October 16, 2018 | By Eve Morgan |

Canadian Living came out with an amazing Self-Care list that could help your career and I thought it needed to be shared….
1. A”goal” digger is a good thing
No matter what your goals are, they should motivate you to keep forging ahead. And pat yourself on the back for reaching mini-milestones….
2. Nature equals nurture
Take a break from the cubicle and laptop and go for a change of scenery for 5, 10 or 15 minutes….connecting with nature is a huge boost to combat stress relief and freshen creativity..
3. Retail Therapy Thank You!
While no one is saying to break the bank or go on a shopping spree, if you’ve had a little or a lot of success at work through the week, treat yourself: your fav bottle of brew, a new lipstick, a new scarf or tie!
4. Save The Date
Book that vacation…it might be just the thing to keep you motivated and get you too your goals!
5. Get a Little Cardio Action In
A good work out can help us focus and almost reset our bodies and brains.
Take a little time from your day for you, You YOU! Take care of you and your career will benefit too!


© Can Stock Photo / rudall30

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