Dear Daughter (or Son) Away at Post-Secondary…..

Published On September 26, 2018 | By Eve Morgan |

I wrote this for my daughter, because now in her 2nd year of university she is sharing a house & has to be more frugal, savvy and more mindful of where her money goes. She doesn’t have the security of residence and all it encapsulates…

A few weeks back my daughter called asking for simple weeknight recipes. She is competent in the kitchen, as are all 3 of my kids, but this first experience on her own, was eye opening; Kind of like me wishing I had paid more attention to my Grandmother when she was whipping up Caribbean delicacies in the kitchen at home in Toronto.

So, darling girl here you go:

5 Grocery Buying Tips to keep You Within Your Budget! 
Fresh food is not cheap, but they are healthier for you…This is why you need a grocery game plan!

1. Stick to a grocery list

It’s an easy way to cut down food costs. Experts say to avoid food shopping when you’re hungry  because you’re more likely to impulse buy; foods that you don’t need!

2. Look for discounts & sales

Some flyers have coupons & as a student you know all about the online  universe out there; google food companies online and ask for email coupons. If it’s a good sale on bread or meat, stock up & freeze…canned goods? Sock a few away…they don’t go bad.

3. Don’t be a Brand Diva! 

Reach for the No Name brand. The quality for the most part is just as good! You’re pretty much paying for the label. This is even more true  for things like flour, sugar and cleaning products. Generic=Good!

4. Consider cash only

Figuring out a grocery budget beforehand, and not straying from it can be hard.  So for managing the rest of your money, try using debit or cash; credit isn’t free money. And Without  resorting to plastic,  not buying extra or what you don’t really need will be easier.

5. And darling, please use your Flipp App! Price Match!

A lot of BIG grocery stores let us price match similar or same brand products. Price matching means the lowest guaranteed price on whatever, and instead of shopping at 3 or 4 different places to get the lowest price, you’re getting everything you need at one or 2, saving gas and your precious study time!

Love, Mom

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