Published On January 30, 2018 | By Eve Morgan |

It’s awards season…we just the Golden Globes, plus the Grammy’s this past weekend. So, what’s up next?

Super Bowl! Superbowl #52 will take centre stage THIS Sunday; It’s the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. The game will also put big companies in competition with each other like Budweiser VS M&M and of course various automotive companies and up against sites like Groupon for the Super Bowl Ad contest. Here’s some of the ads companies have put out to drum up & peak your interest leading up to the game. Enjoy!

Budweiser; https;//youtu.be/CxGUmtRLm5g

Febreze; https;//youtu.be/9NliY5tPp2k

Groupon; https;//youtu.be/GM1QDBvzm1Y

Lexus; https;//youtu.be/01AEuxSlIMg

M&Ms; https;//www.youtube.com/watch?vqfZcxeqa1g4

Pringles; https;//youtu.be/gk0nVMU76bc

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