Is It Time For A Home Reno?

Published On November 8, 2017 | By Eve Morgan |

Would you ever consider doing a late fall winter reno?

Well I guess it would depend on what it was and if it involved and outdoor work right? Well with families back into their fall routines, you may find yourself thinking about that much-contemplated home renovation project and an expert from Toronto says “Fall is a good time to get started.”

But there are some things we need to think about before we rip off those cupboards:
Renovations require planning,it’s not a snap your fingers and done kind of thing.
Make sure you find a great contractor; ask around, talk to your friends & family.
Lifestyle & Home shows are a really good place to meet experts and get ideas
& don’t be afraid to say come on over–Renovators can make house calls
An expert will know if there’s still enough time to finish that kitchen renovation before the family arrives for the holidays….I’m wondering how living without a kitchen for a few weeks would pan out? Have you done it? Should we just dive in and do it?


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