Published On April 20, 2017 | By Eve Morgan |

The Ketchup wars continue?

Some think so, but I’d say it’s been a slam dunk win, with yet another feather in it’s ketchupy cap; after Heinz pulled production here in Southwestern Ontario and 740 Canadians lost their jobs, French’s Ketchup swooped in & started using tomatoes from Leamington Ontario. It was still produced in the US at it’s Ohio plant though.

That is up until…soon! French’s Ketchup is going even MORE local. Hat’s off to French’s!

French’s Ketchup is going to be produced by Select Food in North York; cranking out 250 bottle per minute!

So get ready to DUNK, SLATHER & SQUIRT  even more local tomato sauce. Soooo SAUCY!


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