Remember When We….

Published On April 19, 2017 | By Eve Morgan |

Remember when we played outside until dusk? Our cue as kids to head home was…

…the street lights going on.

I remember playing bang-ball…our version of baseball between the neighborhood houses. The time was the late 70’s and if I really think about it, our neighborhood was an anomaly; we were multiculteral when  multiculteral wasn’t a “thing” yet.

There was a Interracial Korean and East Coast Canadian couple, 3 houses down. The Ukranian family with teenaqge boys too. The Polish family across the road & the Britsh Family 2 doors down the way. Pasquale, my Dad’s Italian friend with the broken english, who didn’t need anything but his love of wine and stomping grapes to find comraderie with Dad. And yes, us, the litte brown family in the little brown house; 39 Daniels St.

This blog truth originally started out to  talk about Earth Day coming up; but it morphed into memories of childhood with Lisa, Mark, Hayley, Kevin, Jerry, Robert, Anna, Gail Lydia & Irene. I won’t bore you with  a play-by-play of my childhood, but if you can, snatch the luxury of childhood memories; have a look back. Hopefully some of those memories will make you smile.

Cheers to you Daniels Street kids!

For Earth Day you can SHARE your memorie using the hashtag #PLAYmemory


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