I Might Be Jealous Of My Daughter

Published On October 5, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

My oldest daughter is in high school. Grade 10.  Before she started high school she was nervous and anxious. Worried she would have no friends, that she wouldn’t fit in.

Today she is going to “Ho-Co” and has friends all around her.  She is dressed in “spirit” wear and so excited about the fun to be had.

“Ho-Co” is short for Homecoming.   I should write a blog on the new “teen speak” I’ve learned these last few months. It’s impressive. Wheeling. Cuffing. Two of the latest additions.

I went to North Lambton Secondary School in Forest. There was no homecoming. No big football game. No event as big as Homecoming is for these kids.

In the last week we searched every store in Sarnia we could think of looking for anything in the school colour.  There was no green to be found in any store on any shelf. The face paint, the t-shirts, the tie-dye kits. All gone.  A lesson for this mom.

Homecoming is a really big deal and obviously – going off the fact there is no blue or green anything to be found in this city – our kids love to dress up and show their school spirit.

And part of me is feeling jealous. Because she is not afraid to jump in and have fun. Because she puts herself out there and isn’t shy.  So much the opposite of her mother.  I barely spoke to anybody my first year of high school.  I was just way too shy and worried about what everybody thought of me. I probably avoided a lot of fun because I was too scared.

I feel like our high school missed out on something fun.  When I dropped her off some stickers for her face at lunch, I saw the groups of kids around the school – in all sorts of colour, and costume. Lots of laughter as they gathered to celebrate school spirit.

The football game comes later at Norm Perry Park.  In my mind it’s almost like something I only experienced in a movie – like Grease.  My daughter will gather with friends and do something I never got to do so I will watch through her eyes.  It’s a funny thing that happens when you’re a parent and you see your kids do things you used to do, or wish you had.

It has this magical way of bringing you back to a place in time. You see yourself through a parent’s eyes. So crazy.

Happy Homecoming kids.  Be safe but have fun.


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