Do Not Disturb

Published On July 9, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

When is the last time you truly disconnected from the world?

I spent the last week on vacation and didn’t post on Facebook or check my Instagram or news feed at all.  I not only survived but I thrived and loved it!

I didn’t get caught up in the scroll. I didn’t get caught up in the negativity of the world. The angry posters and commenters.

It was such a well needed break.

I didn’t check work emails. I didn’t do anything on any kind of schedule.

I woke up when I opened my eyes – not to the buzzing of an alarm clock.

I watched the last two seasons of Drop Dead Diva – uninterrupted.

I watched a few food documentaries – Fed Up is a good one if you’re interested in learning more about eating healthier.

I bought a new book – I’ve Been Thinking – by Maria Shriver.

I watched Diana – In Her Own Words – the documentary about the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, on Netflix. So good. So sad. It still breaks my heart when I think about her death.

I took my kids to the park, the beach, the fireworks, the farmer’s market, the mall, and the nail salon. I sat outside listening to the birds. We added a pond/ waterfall to our backyard.

We ate too much and when we wanted.

By far it’s the most relaxed I have been in a really long time.

When is the last time you spent time away from the world? When is the last time you felt truly disconnected?  No pressure to be anywhere at any certain time. I highly recommend it!

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