Parents – Can You Relate?

Published On June 1, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

This dad decided to volunteer for a class trip to the museum.  He thought it would be easy. Maybe even fun.

It didn’t take long for reality to set in.  For everyone’s amusement and for awareness purposes he decided to live tweet the whole ordeal.  Now, there were over a 100 tweets.  The best of the best compiled in this article. Click HERE to read.

But since the Tweets seemed to go viral, he has since admitted most of it was made up.

After the media started asking for interviews he had to come clean.  He said it was a joke that got a little out of hand and if it made you laugh, that was the point, if it didn’t, he’s sorry.  He didn’t mean to cause any offence.

As a mom who has volunteered on many class trips.  I understand the tweets.  I understand the stress and pressure and I’m sure I’m not alone that could have sent the same series of tweets on any of those trips.



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