This Could Be the Best Carpool Karaoke Yet

Published On June 22, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I love everything about this.  I have been a huge Beatles fan since I was a kid and we studied the music and lyrics in elementary school.  Grade 4 maybe?  We sang along with Penny Lane, Paperback Writer, and Eleanor Rigby among others.

At the time I never realized their impact on the world.

As I got older and developed my own love of music – I grew to appreciate the Beatles even more. My mom would play their music in the living room among other artists.  I didn’t know then but my mom actually worked as a receptionist for Capital Records back in her younger days.

Maybe that’s why I love music so much. It’s in my blood.

My son got to see Paul McCartney at a huge concert a few years ago and to this day says he remains one of his favourite artists of all time.

To watch as Paul McCartney joins James Corden for an episode of Carpool Kareoke is so much fun. And I am super jealous.

Can you imagine the woman answering the door of Paul’s childhood home and seeing him standing at the door? What she must have thought? To realize that she is living in the home where some of the biggest Beatles songs were written?

To those in the English pub sitting and having a drink and then suddenly there is one of the Beatles performing in front of them, leading them in a sing-a-long of Hey Jude?

What I would give for that kind of experience. To be up close and personal with a musician of that talent, that legend.


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