One Amazing Raccoon

Published On June 14, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

One little raccoon seemed to take over social media earlier this week and make it’s way into hearts all over the world. A reminder of the sheer power of grit and determination.

The story started when people spotted a raccoon stuck on the ledge of a building in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota including employees of Minnesota Public Radio, who started sharing the adventure on Twitter.

It looked like the raccoon got himself stranded on a mission to raid pigeon nests.

It had been there for a couple days. They tried to rescue the raccoon, putting together a make shift ladder. Instead, the raccoon fled to the building next door The 25 story UBS Plaza and started climbing.

The reaction of people on twitter was amazing. #MPRraccoon started trending on Twitter. Live streams were set up. The world was watching this raccoon.

Animal control set up a trap with some food on the roof hoping to lure him up and catch him and bring him to safety. Around 10 pm Tuesday night he started climbing again, going up and down before finally landing on the top of the building, just before dawn.

People reacted in excitement on Twitter – on comment. The raccoon was caught and released by Wildlife Management.

It turns out the raccoon, is a 2 year old female whom officials described as a little skinny but in good shape, tired from the climb. Suzanne MacDonald, a raccoon behavior expert at York University in Toronto, said raccoons climb when they’re stressed and don’t think ahead very much, so don’t have very good impulse control. “I don’t think the raccoon realized when it started climbing what it was in for.”

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