When Do You Stop Fighting Aging?

Published On May 28, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I’m 46. I’ve never hidden my age.  I don’t care to pretend I’m something I’m not.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I’ve followed the advice of many magazine articles, Oprah, Dr. Phil – whatever.  In the hopes of being “better”.  Guess what?  Pretending to be someone else or do what works for someone else does nothing to make you feel better about yourself.  If anything it makes you feel worse.

I wonder though, when do you stop fighting the clock?

I’ve coloured my hair for years.  Since the days of Sun In.  I’ve been all colours, all shades.  I’ve done highlights and low lights.

I’ve even tried in the past letting the grey hair shine through but it’s never lasted more than a few weeks.

There’s something about that grey hair shining through that makes you feel old.

BUT, this time it’s been months and I’m still holding strong.

I’ve found a freedom in not colouring my hair. A freedom in not hiding the roots.  In just letting it happen.

I still wear makeup but not like I used to.  It’s more a feeling of being put together rather than trying to hide the wrinkles.

I’ve got three kids.  I’ve gone through some stuff in this life.  I think I’ve earned the greys.

My youngest daughter however isn’t liking the new “look”.   She actually told me if I don’t colour my hair she would do it in my sleep.

I’ve noticed my kids aren’t comfortable in talking about age, and getting older with us.  When I said I was going to be 50 “soon” they stared at me with this wild look on their faces.  Like I could fall apart and break at any moment.

I can’t say for sure I won’t give in and colour my hair. I have a box in the house ready to go should the need arise.

But I ask you – are you fully embracing getting older or are you fighting it every chance you get?

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