IKEA Uses Houseplants To Prove A Point

Published On May 14, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

IKEA created a very unique social experiment to test the effects of bullying.  Not on people.  But on plants.

Two identical houseplants were placed in a case in school and given the same amount of water, fertilizer and sunlight for 30 days. The only difference was one plant was bullied.  The other was complimented and spoken to with kindness.

For 30 days students were told to bully one of the plants and compliment the other one.

One plant was played hurtful messages such as “You’re not even green,” and “You look rotten.”

The other plant was made to listen to positive comments like “Seeing you blossom makes me happy.”

The plant that received compliments remained healthy over the course of the month.

The other seemed to be struggle and had dull, droopy brown leaves.

IKEA wrote “Plants have feelings, just like people”.

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