Adele’s 30th Titanic Themed Birthday

Published On May 8, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

What was the most memorable birthday for you? I don’t think one sticks out any more than the other. I love my birthday and everything about it. I can’t say I have ever had as big a birthday as Adele though.

For her 30th birthday she threw a huge Titanic themed party.  She dressed as “Rose” from the movie.  The dress, the hair – the similarities were crazy.

The staircase.

They managed to re-create the big bash that was held below-deck.

Some guests even sported frozen eyebrows and hair.

And of course, it wasn’t without controversy.

Many fans thought the idea was hilarious and a fitting tribute to the James Cameron movie. Adele has frequently thrown movie-themed parties.

Some people are outraged. Some fans thought throwing a party based on a real-life tragedy may not have been the most tasteful move.

Adele simply loves the movie Titanic. She shared the pics on Monday on Instagram saying the party was  to celebrate her “super fandom of the Titanic movie.”


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