Such A Great Movie!

Published On April 11, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I had the chance to go to my old hometown last night for a movie in the famous Kineto Theatre.

I spent my teenage years in Forest.  I went to high school at North Lambton Secondary School and spent many weekends wandering the main street, and spending money at the theatre.

It always brings back so many memories to go back.

I love the Kineto Theatre.  I love the smallness. I love the handmade popcorn.  I love it all.

The movie we went to see last night was I Can Only Imagine. I hoped it was going to be good and I wasn’t disappointed.

Basically, the movie is about the true story behind the song.  Mercy Me’s huge hit from 2001.  An incredible story of pain, heartache and forgiveness.

You learn not only about how the song was created, but the life behind it.

The film stars J. Michael Finley as Bart Millard, the lead singer of Mercy Me who wrote the song about his relationship with his father  played by Dennis Quaid. Madeline Carroll, Priscilla Shirer, Cloris Leachman, and Trace Adkins also star. Each role is purposeful.  Cloris Leachman plays Bart’s grandmother.  Her “Mercy Me” catch phrase is where the band got it’s name.  She also was key in the development and creation of the song “I Can Only Imagine”.  The story has so many layers.

You will never hear the song the same again after watching this movie.  It will hook you in the first five minutes.  Dennis Quaid is exceptional – even though you will spend most of the movie hating on him.  J. Michael Finley who plays Bart is super talented.

You see how the band came to be.  You watch as Bart grows from a child hood of abuse from his dad, a mom who left him.  Dealing with hurt, deep wounds, and learning to forgive the man who caused it all.  A girlfriend who helped him along the way. Music was not his first choice. He didn’t even realize he had the gift to sing. He wanted to play football and be a star like his dad. I believe he was looking for acceptance.  Trying to find something to make the abuse stop.

Amy Grant makes an appearance.  Michael W. Smith.

It’s an incredible movie. It’s been selling out in theatres across the country and four weeks later it’s not losing any love from people at the box office.

There’s a reason they handed out Kleenex at the door.  You’ll need it.  There wasn’t  a dry eye in the house when the movie ended last night.

I would watch it again.  But maybe next time alone so I could ugly cry.  So much emotion in this movie.  An incredible story. And to think it’s all true changes everything.

Go see it. Before it’s gone.  There is one more show tonight in Forest.


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