Slow Down.

Published On April 13, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

This was written by Todd Hyslop.  Shared from his Facebook page.

Ugh, part of me really hates writing this but I can’t take it anymore. The tragedy of the Humboldt Broncos is devastating and I can’t begin to fathom the depth of pain and anguish this has caused for all involved. But I’m not sure the rest of us, those who aren’t directly affected, are responding effectively and accordingly.

The hockey sticks on the porch are a nice touch; the posters and words are touching and affecting. All of the outpouring of emotion is helpful in the short-term as we grieve the losses and empathize in some way with the families and friends.

But here’s what I think should be the lesson to glean from this overwhelming loss: Slow down.

That’s it. Slow down.

Obviously, slow down your driving. Leave a few minutes earlier. Stop completely at the signs and lights. Pay attention to pedestrians, vehicles, animals, the weather. Ignore your phone. Turn down the radio. For damned sure, don’t be texting.
But also, and this is often the difficult one, slow down your life. Maybe you can’t hear it yet, but the clock is ticking. You have limited time with your spouse, your children, your friends. They can be gone in an instant. Love them and enjoy them while you can. Go to your kid’s ball game. Buy your wife flowers, just because. Shovel your neighbour’s driveway. Read to your kids. Hug them and say you love them even when they pretend to be embarrassed.

Slow down and watch the sun come up, feed the birds, feel the rain on your face and splash in the puddles. Take photos. Laugh.

Slow down and plant a tree, play with your pets and spend too much on a nice pair of shoes. Swim in the ocean. Eat the cotton candy and dance.
Slow down. None of us knows how quickly we’re approaching the finish line.

Slow down and really live. Live for all of those who will never get the chance.
You want to honour young lives snatched away too soon? Make yours matter.

Be kind. Be special. Be you.

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