Even The Weather Guy Is Frustrated

Published On April 17, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

April 17 and we’re still dealing with snow. We’re still wearing winter coats.  We still can’t put the snow brush away.

We are feeling a little down and just need it to warm up already.   Even the weather guys are getting frustrated and don’t appreciate the negativity being thrown their way.

One meteorologist from Michigan had enough.  Garry Frank can’t help that we can’t get rid of winter.  It’s his job to report the weather and yes, even he wishes it would warm up already.

Last week, after listening to endless complaints from his co-workers about the ongoing winter temperatures, he had enough. During a live broadcast, he decided to let his co-workers know how he felt about their constant complaining.  His outburst, (posted on April 12th) has since gone viral.

Don’t hate on the weather guys.  It’s not their fault.


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