How Are You Feeling “This Is Us” Fans?

Published On February 5, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

What an emotional episode! I’m still not OK. Seriously.  I haven’t cried that many tears since McDreamy left Grey’s Anatomy.  I haven’t watched it since.

I didn’t watch much of the big football game, but I was sure there when it was over, eager to watch This Is Us.  Maybe eager isn’t the right word. All fans of the show knew that THAT was the episode where we would find out how Jack dies. And fans – myself included – knew that as much as we finally wanted to know the answer to how Jack died – we also knew we probably wouldn’t be able to take it.

I had tears in the first five minutes. It started with Jack waking up to find the house on fire.  And like everything else Jack did, he rushed into action to save his family. It’s what we love about Jack.  He loves deeply.  He takes care of his family.

Fans of this show have known for two years that Jack dies.  But still, our hearts just couldn’t handle the way it happened in the episode last night.

Like the show is known for – it took another twist. We thought we KNEW how he died. But we didn’t see it coming. There was HOPE.  Even though we know he dies, we still had HOPE that everything was going to be OK.  Jack and Rebecca were going to be OK.  The way the episode played back and forth in time is done so well.  You just get sucked in.  Your whole heart.

The acting in this show is damn good.  Mandy Moore – who plays Rebecca Pearson – was incredible.  Jack. Oh Jack. I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye.

Fans of the show connect to the show in so many different ways. The characters. The storylines.

Myself, I lost my mom, brother and sister 27 years ago suddenly in a car accident and I have so much trouble watching some episodes.  Last night I was sobbing by the end. Over a tv show character. Because I know that feeling.  One minute they are there. The next they aren’t and your life will never be the same.

And I’m not alone. It’s why this show is number 1. It’s why it’s won awards. The acting, the writing – all incredible. The characters are so detailed you feel like you know them.  They seem REAL.  Crazy I know.

This was the episode that has been building.  Fans have been trying to figure out just how Jack died. Now we know.

And fans are distraught.

The last episode, which aired January 23, showed the Pearson home go up in flames after a faulty Crock-Pot caught fire. We were pretty sure Jack would die in the fire. But last night, he walks away from the fire. And for a tiny bit we were happy. And we believed it was going to be OK again.

That’s where the twist comes in.  (I’m not going to ruin it if you haven’t seen it yet).

Fans immediately took to Twitter to express their grief over the loss of the great Jack Pearson, making Sunday’s episode the most-tweeted one to date, according to preliminary Twitter numbers that came out shortly after the show ended.

Fans are expressing their heartache and grief on social media.

“Anybody else calling off work tomorrow? We need time to grieve properly now that we know what happened #ThisIsUs

“I don’t know of another show that I’ve watched that we KNEW someone was going to die for like 30+ episodes and yet I’m still a mess when they die #ThisIsUs,” one viewer tweeted.

“I’m so glad I ended up watching #ThisIsUs alone tonight because the amount of tears I’ve shed over this fictional drama tonight is embarrassing

“I DON’T EVEN KNOW THIS MAN, THIS IS A SHOW, I’M DONE. These are the things that I tell myself every week and it never get better. #ThisIsUs

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