The Secret To Keeping Your Resolutions

Published On January 10, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |


Seriously.  Research shows that if you want to be successful with your New Year’s Resolutions – whatever they might be – the secret weapon is to plan it all out.

If you make resolutions every January 1st, how many of them have you been successful with?

Are you like the majority of us?  Make those plans to lose weight, read more, exercise more, eat better and then two weeks later you’re sitting in the drive-thru waiting for a cheeseburger and fries, your workout shoes haven’t been worn, and laundry is hanging on the treadmill.

If you keep making the same resolutions and have zero luck in seeing anything change – get yourself a pretty little planner and start planning your life.

It’s the ONE THING to make your resolutions more powerful.  PLAN.

I found this Fitness Happy Planner. I actually picked it up last year but failed miserably in 2017 at actually using it for more than decoration. So this year, I have my planner ready to go. And I am EXCITED about using it.

The Fitness planner by the way, allows you not only to schedule your regular life, but you can plan your meals and snacks. Track exercise, water and calories. It’s AWESOME!

If you want to see results this year start by getting yourself a pretty planner. One that you’ll love to use. And schedule everything. When we plan out our schedules, and all the busy things, and prioritize the things that help us stay feeling healthy, balanced and motivated – our lives become less chaotic.

Write down your top focus for the new year on the first page so every time you sit down to schedule an event, you can ask yourself if you’re spending time on things that matter. Keep it simple and realistic. For me, my number one thing to accomplish is waking up earlier. I know I could get so much more done in my day if I just get up one hour earlier. So far I have managed to get up 15 minutes earlier. Start small, right?

At work – ask for more responsibility. Show up early, stay late, and never say no to helping out. Track goals and achievements, no matter how small so you can look back at the end of 2018 and see how far you’ve come.

Sign up for a new class. Start a new hobby. Track your class times and assignments in your planner to hold yourself accountable.

And most important – make friends and family time a priority. Use your planner to make sure you are making an effort to stay in touch with them. Make lunch plans, plan a trip. Plan to call your dad. Movie night with the family.

If you plan it, you will see success.  Let me know if you have a planner or if you might start using one for the new year.

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