Have You Ever Had A Work Dream?

Published On January 8, 2018 | By Carrie Buchanan |

By work dream I don’t mean “I have a dream to be a super model or million dollar actress”.  I mean, everything in the workplace goes horribly horribly wrong.

I woke up from a dream last night where I showed up to work and as I sat down to play your favourite country music like I always do – the music was gone.   Every time I found something to play,  someone would come in and steal it.  It was an awful dream.  Because in our job, not having music to play is the worst. And only have three minutes to find something to play when there is nothing available is stressful and terrifying!

So I’m wondering if you’ve had a work dream?

According to an article from Forbes.com work dreams are quite common.

According to psychologists, everyone dreams—sometimes five times a night and surveys show that 50% to 80% of us dream about work, with a large number admitting they often wake up in a cold sweat and experience work nightmares once or more a week. Yikes.

Work is the largest part of our waking life and a big part of who we are. And we shouldn’t be quick to ignore our work dreams. It could be your subconcious trying to get your attention.

According to several dream researchers and counselors, the following represent the most common workplace anxiety dreams and what they mean.

Late For Work

The Dream: Usually in this dream you either can’t get to work on time or are missing a deadline.

What It Means: Loewenberg says this dream is a really good indication that you feel like you’re missing out on an opportunity or what you really want in your career.

Unprepared For A Task

The Dream: This one is marked by anxiety over not being ready for a big presentation, event or work task. It’s often specific to the profession, like an actor not knowing her lines.

What It Means: It can usually be connected to an upcoming event that you’re nervous about, in which your performance will be judged. If it’s recurring and not tied to anything specific, Loewenberg says it may suggest a lack of confidence.

Being Naked At Work

The Dream: This dream involves being either completely naked or inappropriately dressed in the office. Usually the dreamer is panicked, but no one else in the dream seems to notice.

What It Means: According to Wallace, this dream symbolizes feeling vulnerable and exposed at work. You may also be concerned about how others perceive you.

Getting Stuck In The Elevator

The Dream: Workplace elevator dreams usually involve an elevator stalling, moving sideways or dropping down rather than going up.

What It Means: Loewenberg says elevators represent our ability to progress in our careers. If it’s not moving smoothly upwards, it reflects your fear that your career is not progressing as it should.

Can’t Find The Bathroom

The Dream: The dreamer is usually wandering the halls and unable to find the bathroom. Alternately, he may be in the bathroom and can’t close the door, or the toilet is exposed without any doors.

What It Means: Wallace says any dream about a bathroom represents your fundamental needs, and if you cannot find one at work, it means your needs aren’t being met or you’re having trouble expressing them. If you can’t secure the bathroom door, you may need to establish clearer boundaries with colleagues.

Driving To Work

The Dream: Often the dreamer is driving and loses control of the car. Alternately, she may be on a train or bus that is swerving or off course.

What It Means: Wallace believes this represents your drive in your career and your efforts to make progress toward an objective. If the vehicle is spinning out of control, it means you feel that you don’t have enough control in your waking life.


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