Can We Talk About Eataly?

Published On September 12, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Everybody else is talking about the latest iPhone.  But I just discovered that there is a theme park in Italy opening soon dedicated to FOOD!

I will chose food over technology anyday.  Sorry, but it’s true.  There’s no way I’m handing over my life savings for a phone that will be replaced in 365 days by something bigger, brighter and more expensive. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Check this out – it’s opening next year in Italy and is described as the “Disney World for Foodies”.  FICO Eataly World is a “theme park” entirely devoted to food.

It opens in Bologna, Italy in November and it’s FREE admission.  You only have to pay for the food in the park.  Oh, and you know, the cost of airfare to Italy (maybe that’s an idea for Destination 32!)

It will be be the world’s largest agri-food park, and even though it’s main focus will be on the food, it’s about more than eating. It’s about learning about food systems. 40 restaurants and refreshment stations.

According to the park’s mission statement, the goal of FICO Eataly World is to “tell the story of Italian agri-food culture combining local tradition, high-quality food, and the expertise of those who have always been working in the agri-food chains. All of this under one roof.”  You’ll find farms, restaurants and more. So not only can you see the cows that made the dairy products you’re about to eat, you’ll be able to buy fresh foods to make a meal at home or have one of their chefs prepare the food for you.

Eataly World has been sharing glimpses of the park’s progress via social media.

If Disney World is the happiest place on Earth, then Eataly World is certainly going to be the most delicious place on Earth. It officially opens on Nov. 15.

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