Selena Gomez Talks 13 Reasons Why

Published On June 6, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I had a really heart-felt, intense conversation with my 14 year old daughter last night regarding the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

She shared from her heart what the show means to so many people and it wasn’t negative.

She sees it. Everyday.  It’s in the classroom, whether we as parents want to try to control it or take it away. Kids are dealing with all kinds of stress and pressure and bullying.

If we take away the show, it doesn’t take away the problem.

I sat at the kitchen table as my daughter shared her thoughts, and observations, and shared what she thought the show represented and how it could help so many.  I didn’t judge, I didn’t ask a lot of questions – I just let her speak and I listened.

Just because it didn’t happen in our world when we were kids doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen now with our own kids.  Just because it’s not your child that is suffering, doesn’t mean they aren’t exposed to it.

What if everyone looked at it as a way of looking at themselves in the mirror and saying “this behavior has to stop?”

From what I understand about this show – people are shown how their behavior in turn led to one girl ending her life.

I haven’t seen the show, and I’m still unsure that I want to see it.  But I do believe it’s such an important conversation to have with your kids on a regular basis.

I believe it’s so important to teach our kids their value, to teach our kids kindness and empathy.  We need to care about each other, and stop looking at other people as so replaceable.

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