Katy Perry Shares Secrets

Published On June 12, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan |


To see Katy Perry on the outside, you see a strong, powerful, confident woman.  Success. Fame. Upbeat. Fun. Daring. What the world doesn’t see, and what Katy keeps hidden is the REAL person underneath the surface. Katheryn Hudson.

I got a little teary watching her share her story, her struggles, and that deep down she really is just a person like you and I.  Just because she shares her talent with the world does that give us a right to judge and criticize so quickly, so easily?  As much as we see her with fame and fortune, at the end of the day she just wants the freedom to be herself.

She shared some very personal thoughts and emotions in a therapy session that she allowed the world to watch part of a 96-hour livestream event on YouTube over the weekend.

Katy Perry released her new album “Witness” on Friday.

Katy Perry’s livestream will wrap up tonight (Monday June 12) (7 p.m. Eastern) with a special concert for a pre-selected group of fans.

Watch the LIVESTREAM here.


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