Can You Find The Snake?

Published On May 11, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan |

It’s another picture making the rounds online.  This one with the caption –  “Can you find the snake”

This proves how hard it is to spot snakes, so be careful when hiking or camping!

Which just reminds me never to hike or camp ANYWHERE there could a poisonous snake I could “accidentally” step on, run into, or even be close to.

Please tell me, and reassure me, there are none of these snakes in our area. No, seriously – reassure me. I HATE snakes.  I HATE the idea of snakes. I even hate thinking of snakes.

The problem with snakes is that they are experts at camouflage. They can hide in plain sight.

So try it.  See if you can spot the snake in the pic above. Scroll down to see where it’s really hiding.











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