Not Your Average Donut

Published On March 20, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Think of your favourite childhood snack from the 90’s — there’s a good chance it’s been made into a donut.  

I know it’s not Throwback Thursday, but let’s go back to the 90’s.  Think of everything you loved about the 90’s.  The Backstreet Boys, the Macarena – Beanie Babies, Dunkaroos, Fruity Pebbles, the disc-man, Pokemon cards, the Rachel Green hairstyle — yep, hard not to smile when you think of the 90’s.  Grunge was hip again, Crystal Pepsi made a comeback. Rainbows and unicorns were everywhere.

And whatever was big in food, those popular childhood snacks that were big in the 90’s have likely been made into a donut at PV Donuts in Providence Rhode Island.

For the month of March, they have an incredible 90’s inspired line-up of donuts.  Pop Rocks, Cosmic Brownies, even Dunkaroos, which you can’t even get in the U.S. anymore, only here in Canada.  They had to special order them for inspiration.  The Dunkaroos is their best seller and crowd-favourite.  A brioche donut, topped with sprinkle-speckled frosting and crushed cinnamon cookies. Yum!

The idea came when they were baking, listening to music by decade, and when they hit the 90’s started remembering everything they loved about their favourite childhood snacks and tried to think of how to make them into doughnuts.

They make two thousand ’90s donuts every day, and they’re gone by noon.  

What favourite childhood treat could you see made into a donut?  How about some Fun Dip!  I loved that stuff.


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