Look What I Made!

Published On February 27, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Today is my daughter’s 14th birthday. We will have pancakes for dinner and treat ourselves to a Blizzard (love birthday coupons!) because we have no working oven at the moment, and I couldn’t bake a cake like I do every year for every one of my three children. Which is disappointing because I have always made cake for my kids.  My parents used to put money in our cakes, which seems really weird to a lot of people these days!

She had a small party this weekend, and instead of buying a cake I looked to my friends for help.  One suggested a slow cooker cake!  Which made me roll my eyes.

My daughter LOVES everything Reeses Pieces. Peanut Cups could be a food group for her.

So I searched online for a slow cooker peanut butter cake and found THIS.

Yes I had my doubts, and was ready to run to the store for a real cake should this be like one of those famous Pinterest fails.  But it didn’t.  It worked.  The house smelled amazing.  This is the end product —


And this was what was left.  Even my husband was surprised.


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