What Kind of Cookie Do You Like?

Published On August 7, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Here comes another quiz that reveals a little or a lot about your personality.  What kind of chocolate chip cookie do you prefer?  Softy and chewy? Crisp til the end? Cakey? Salted? Extra Chocolatey? A little nutty? Sans gluten? Chunky? or Raw?

Honestly?  I love to eat the raw dough as I bake my cookies.  It’s my favourite part of making cookies. Being allowed to indulge in the dough.  Say what you want, I still do it.  And then my second favourite part is being able to eat them all soft and chewy with melty chocolate as they come out of the oven.  So there are my answers.  I can’t separate them. I’m both.


So now I want to know what your favourite cookie is and if you agree with the results?

If soft and chewy cookies are your go-to, you’re the kind of person who always picks up a cup of coffee for your co-worker when you’re out getting yourself one. You’re warm and kind, and everyone loves you.

Those of you who don’t even bake your chocolate chip cookies? Well, you’re bad to the bone. You’re also impatient, demand instant gratification and are the very definition of cool.

So I’m warm and kind, everyone loves me and I’m bad to the bone.  I’ll take it.  Impatient, demand instant gratification?  Yup, I do that too.  Gotta take the good with the bad, right?  Preferably over some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!!


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