Oil Springs is Famous!

Published On August 14, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

You just can’t let this day go by another minute without clicking THIS link and watching Oil Springs be featured on an episode of Still Standing on CBC.

According to the show’s website –

“Comedian Jonny Harris is on a mission to find humour in, well, the funniest of places.

He’s taking a journey across Canada to explore small towns on the ropes and to meet the people who remain fiercely proud to call these towns home. By immersing himself in the adventure of their everyday lives, Jonny comes to understand their passion for these places.

In each community, he mines enough material to put on an original stand-up comedy routine for the locals.  In the process, he shows us that no matter what types of hardships people may face in this vast country, Canadians love to laugh at themselves.”

This is awesome.  What Canadian town would you love him to visit next?  I can tell you that I spent my teenage years in Thedford.  I weeded onions, and I worked in the plant that processed onions.  It put me through college.  My mom used to say to our out-of-town big city relatives “blink and you miss it” but we loved it when we were there.  OK, I didn’t love it right away — but I grew to love it and appreciate it even more now that I’ve grown up and moved away.



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