New Music – Chris Hadfield

Published On August 7, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Chris Hadfield is about to release his very first album.  Now that’s he’s retired from the whole space thing (see I how through that out there like it’s something that’s no big deal, to make us regular folks feel better about not being even half as awesome) he’s expanding his talents. On October 9th (hey, the day before my birthday — thanks for the gift!) the retired astronaut will release “Space Sessions: Songs From A Tin Can.”   The first album recorded in space.  How cool is that?  It’s not the first time he’s ventured into music.  He did record that David Bowie song Space Oddity while up in space.  This time it’s his music, his album, and it was all recorded “off the planet”.  It was recorded when he was on-board the International Space Station.  He plugged a mic into his iPad and recorded songs in his sleep pod.  As you do. (smile)

The song is called Feet Up, inspired by the time he spent floating in space.

“Weightlessness is glorious and free, a joyous toy that never winds down, a puzzlement of unexpected delights,” said Hadfield. “With no up or down, it’s a place where you literally can’t put your feet up. And the fun of it makes you smile, every day.”

The album will be available October 9th on CD and vinyl.  Awesome, Chris!!!!

Now before he was a super cool musician with a new album ready to drop — remember this?  Such an incredible life.

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