That’s Just Downright Scary!!!

Published On July 23, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

This is the stuff you’re used to seeing in scary movies, NOT in the real world, but it’s happening -and could happen again and again.  Two stories caught my attention today.  The first — hacking a baby monitor. A parent, rocking their child to sleep in their own nursery, in their own home, say the Internet camera used to monitor the room was remotely activated.  Police say the camera played eerie music and a voice could be heard saying the parent and child were being watched.  An internet provider confirmed the home’s router had been hacked.  Awful.  Creepy.  Slightly terrifying.  so now Middlesex OPP warning people with cameras that are connected to the Internet that the devices can be hacked and may be susceptible to hackers because many have an option to be used remotely enabled by default. Wow.

The full story from CTV news HERE.

What’s scarier than that?  How bout a hacker taking control of your vehicle as you drive?

From the National Post —  using only a laptop and cellphone to access the vehicle’s on-board systems through its wireless Internet connection, they managed to take control of a vehicle and crash it into a ditch.  Keep it mind it’s only a demonstration, once a car was started the vehicle’s Internet address was found and while sitting in a nearby office and typing on a MacBook Pro, hacked in through the dashboard information and entertainment system.  The radio station was changed, the volume turned up.  Doors locked and unlocked.  Windshield wipers.  Then, still from almost 2 kms away, the engine was shut off and brakes disabled.  Keep in mind this is a demonstration, meant to get the attention of automakers to show just how serious this is and how urgent it is to address.   This security system researcher “hacker” caused the transmission to malfunction, which caused the Jeep to lose speed even when the gas pedal was pressed repeatedly.

What happens when this happens to someone in the real world?  Scary thought.

Thankfully, with my 15 year old car, I will never have to worry about someone taking over the controls.  Just picking the occasional piece of rust out of the driveway.  (smile).
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