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Published On July 7, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

A mother wrote a letter to her kids for the summer and it’s brilliant and it’s like she’s in my head and is living my life.

Parenting is hard.  It sometimes feels like you’re always going to be the bad guy.  How many times can I ask them to do the same thing?  Pick up your room.  Your dirty laundry goes in the basket.  No, not the clean stuff that I already washed and folded for you.  I asked my kids to start helping with the dishes.  You should have seen the look on my oldest daughter’s face.  Seriously.

But I don’t believe we should do everything for our kids.  I don’t believe we should keep cleaning up after them, and doing everything for them.  My oldest daughter is 12.  When I was her age I was doing dishes myself, cleaning bathrooms, keeping my room clean, vacuuming AND babysitting for 3 kids.  We had chores to do and no we didn’t get an allowance, but we got some money to do fun things with friends when we wanted IF we did what we were expected to do.  I remember grumbling over dishes while my parents sat in the living room in front of the tv, enjoying a cup of after dinner tea.  Now I have a daughter that is pulling the same trick.  Guess what?  Grumble all you want, you still have to do the dishes.

So read this letter.  And share it with other parents.  Hey, even share it with your kids.



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