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Published On July 13, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

My kids each had their own “stuffy” that they took everywhere and did everything with when they were younger.  My youngest had a bright pink teddy bear.  No matter how many times I washed it, it was just, well, I guess well loved.  Until one day it was left behind at a playground.  Even though we went back for it as soon as we knew it was missing — it was gone forever.  I always wondered who takes other toys left behind.  I have always taught my kids to leave things where they found it in case it’s missed.  I think there’s a story behind so many toys.

Well here’s a story of a little boy who lost his tiger at an airport.  And the people that found him, took him on a grand adventure and documented every step of the journey so that when the boy and his toy reconnected there would be a great story to tell.

When the toy tiger was found, the manager was inspired to do something great.  And he did.  First, Owen’s mom, Amanda Lake, was reassured the toy had been found and would be waiting at lost and found when the family returned. She was also told to pass on a message to Owen that Hobbes was about to embark on an “adventure” of his own while the family was vacationing. Lake, thrilled she had update for her son, had no idea what that meant.

Airport Adventure




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