Bet You Missed It.

Published On July 8, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Let It Go has been stuck in your head for the past year and half because of that movie Frozen.  Now you’re singing it just because it’s been mentioned which I am completely responsible for and I’m sorry.  I’ll try to find something else by the end of the post to distract you.

If you’re a parent and you’ve seen the movie Frozen no doubt more times than you’d like, you’re probably more than familiar with the characters, and the plots and the music.  But did you stick around to watch the end credits roll?  The one with the disclaimer from Disney?

Nope.  I didn’t.  A year and a half later and I see the funny.  You’ll want to pause this about the 14 second mark.  Kristoff and Anna are in the sleigh in one scene in the movie and he says there is something ALL MEN do.  But this disclaimer proves that Kristoff’s opinions are his and his alone, and not that of the Walt Disney company.  It’s funny.  And good to know that it’s not true of ALL men (smile).

Read the story, see the disclaimer by clicking HERE

Now for a song to get in your head so you get that OTHER one out of your head —

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