THIS is pretty cool.

Published On June 17, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

This guy did something awesome and worthy of sharing and talking about.  We should talk more about what this one high school student did and less about Kim Kardashian and what she wore to dinner.  Seriously.

The world is a cruel place at times. And when it comes to social media there are some people that just can’t wait to knock you down.  Point out your flaws, and share everything that’s wrong with you.  And say what you want, that stuff is hard to shake off.  Thanks for the advice though Taylor.  I can’t imagine living in your world for even a day.  Money is nice, but that kind of criticism on a regular basis. No thanks.

Konner Sauve, a high school valedictorian, recently revealed he was behind an anyonymous Instagram account that was used to highlight kind words about other students.  Encouraging messages.

He said,  “I wanted to focus on the better aspects of people….to shed a positive light on each individual, make them feel appreciated, and to know that someone cares.”

He posted under the username @thebenevolentone3, sharing over 650 photos of students at East Valley High School in Yakima, Washington.

Read the full story HERE.


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