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Published On June 22, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

A big thank you to everybody who helped to bring Breakfast on the Farm back for it’s second successful year.  What an incredible event put together to teach us the importance of farmers.  Such a valuable event.  I never got to attend last year, but this year I took my kids and was blown away by just how well organized it was.  And delicious too!!!  Thank you so much to The Forbes family of Forbesvue Farms, a Lambton County Dairy farm.  Breakfast with farm grown, local foods was absolutely delicious and then to be able to take my kids on a guided tour of the dairy farm was impressive as well.  Who knew it took so many hours, and so much work from so many people to get milk to our table.  And to see the passion about the work, the love of the animals too was so exciting for my whole family.   I think maybe we take for granted the food on our table, not giving a second thought to where it comes from or how much work it requires.

What I learned —

I believe there were 170 + cows milked 3 times a day on that farm.  5am, noon and 8pm.  About 16 cows at a time.  Even with modern conveniences – it’s still time consuming.  Every cow has a profile online – to which my kids jokingly said it’s like Facebook for cows.  The farmer knows the family tree, how many babies that cow has had (another interesting fact — a cow is a heifer until she has a baby, then she’s referred to as a cow) and just how much milk that cow gives. They take very good care of the animals.

But other farms were there as well on site.  Kids could climb on the tractors, learn about how a hen lays an egg and so much more.

And the breakfast was so delicious.  Hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes with real maple syrup and milk and apples too.  A fully, hearty, delicious, locally grown breakfast.

Breakfast on the Farm is a partnership of Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation, Lambton Federation of Agriculture and Egg Farmers of Ontario.

“Dedicated to educating attendees about where their food comes from and create renewed pride and awareness of modern farming. Agriculture is one of the most important industries in our local economy – let’s celebrate it!”


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