Oh No, It’s Summer Vacation.

Published On June 26, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Nothing gets both excitement and fear going at the same time as summer vacation.

As I was leaving this morning, looking at my kids – not having to go anywhere today – I felt a huge sense of disappointment.  In myself.

Because my kids keep getting older, but I have failed to get them to keep doing more.  I’m not trying to turn my kids into my own personal housemaid, but they are at an age they can do a lot more for themselves than eat what’s in the cupboard.  But they will never learn to do it for themselves if I don’t teach them.  So this is my struggle.  I refuse to have lazy kids that don’t do anything for themselves without being rewarded or praised.  I grew up with a list of chores I had to do and help with.  Yes, I would grunt and groan when I had to do them, but I still had to do them and I did NOT get a $100 dollar a week allowance.  Is that really a thing?

Through the school year my kids are asked to help do a certain number of things around the house – but now that it’s summer time, and they don’t have anything else to do (I say this with 100% confidence that it’s true simply because already one day in I’ve been told “I”m bored”) they can do more.

But looking at their faces this morning, I couldn’t help but think – “they are growing up, and I haven’t taught them all I need to teach them”.   In that moment, I felt like I was on the road to failing my kids.

So – this week, a whole week of vacation time I’m going to spend more time teaching my kids a few new things.  Maybe get them helping in the kitchen – learning to use the washing machine and dryer.  Small things that my mother taught me.  Maybe they won’t like it.  Maybe they’ll fight it.  Maybe they’ll hate it.  But I’m pretty sure in the long run it will benefit them. I know they should have their fun, and be allowed to run and play and hang out with friends.  But shouldn’t our kids also learn responsibility?


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