Let’s Dream

Published On June 2, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

What would your dream house look like?  Most people think big mansions in the hills when they talk of their dream home.  Lots of rooms, big rooms full of big things.

But a couple in Nova Scotia are building their dream home right now and it’s pretty small.  The size of a walk-in closet small.  Nickey Duenkel and Judy Pratt are in the process of building a 175-square-foot, mobile and eco-friendly home they have nicknamed “Tiny”.

But they say it has everything they need and will give them financial freedom.  They’re cutting expenses, so they can spend money on family and friends instead.  $100 a month in utilities, and because of the size, the home is considered a travelling trailer so they probably won’t even have to pay property tax.

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I would like a small house.  Who wants to clean all those rooms, or try to fill it with meaningless stuff?  Lots of windows, either on the water or in a wooded area.  Big rooms to relax in, and a porch, and lots of  gardens…..

Your turn….




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