Kick Your Kids Out!

Published On June 9, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

According to a new report, our kids are failing at physical activity and we’re to blame.  And it needs to change if we want our kids to be healthy.

The Participaction Report Card titled The Biggest Risk Is Keeping Kids Indoors recommends kids get outside again, and partly blames parents for the lack of activity.  Parents are over-supervising their kids or keeping them indoors.  Away from danger — strangers, injury etc.

Instead, they should be encouraged to play outdoors in nature and take risks. Climb trees, build forts, run, jump and play. Remember all the things we did when we were kids???  We spent every free minute outside.  We danced and played in the rain, we build snow forts in the winter, and endless time riding bikes, and exploring and just being outside, being busy.  Nobody told us how to play, or when, or what to do.  I know some kids that really don’t know how to play.  Sad really.

So how did this happen? Is it really the dangers? Or are we too busy as parents?  Is it easier to schedule an activity than do something in the backyard with our own kids?  Is it really easier to drive our kids to school when they could walk the 10 minutes?

I do make my kids walk to school.  In fact I walk with them in the morning and then keep going on my own.  I try to encourage them to be outside and to find things to do.  Sometimes I feel old fashioned in my ways.  I love to go bike riding with my kids, and bike to get ice cream, or take a picnic lunch to a park or by the water.  We camp in our backyard, we catch fire flies and explore with flashlights.  But that doesn’t happen as often as I would like.  More times I would love to do more with my kids.  But I want them to know what it’s like to explore, to just find things to do.

How did our kids score on the report card —  not too good.

D- Overall physical activity:
D Active transportation:
B- Organized sport and physical activity participation:
D- Sedentary behaviours:
C+ Physical education and activities in school:

Parents are asked to encourage outdoor play and support your children in taking risks, so that they have more fun and learn to assess risk.

Interesting to note the odds of being abducted, based on RCMP data – 1 in 14 million.  The amount of time each day that 5- to -17- year olds are inactive — 8.5 hours.

So how does this make you feel as a parent?  Does it make you defensive?  Does it make you want to do something to get the grades up?  Share in the comments below.

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