Just Whistle While You Work

Published On June 10, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I love to clean.  It’s something I look forward to.  Like this Friday – I plan on taking a vacation day to stay in my house and clean it.  While nobody else is there.  Well, there’s some other things to get done as well.  But I am that kind of person.  There is nothing better to me than a clean house.  To know that it’s vacuumed, and dusted, and floors are cleaned.  I love the smell of bleach, and laundry.  Weird, I know. I am a very unhappy person when my house is a mess – which is most days – because seriously I work full time and have a family with children who hate to pick up after themselves without being nagged a hundred times.

But I get that not everybody loves to clean, so if you can find some short cuts to making the job of cleaning the house that much easier — you’ll take it.

11 DIY Cleaning Hacks For A Mess Free Home.

Brilliant really.  It’s amazing the power of a lemon and some baking soda to really clean your home and do it with little effort.

Do you have any cleaning tricks you’d like to share?


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