It’s Been Six Years….

Published On June 25, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Hard to believe, but it’s been six years since Michael Jackson – the King Of Pop – died.  Do you remember where you were?  I certainly do.  A family trip to the African Lion Safari.  Sitting in a hotel room after the long drive.  Turned on the tv and there it was.  Watching the drama unfold.  Thinking there’s no way Michael Jackson – the legend – could be gone.  He would be ok.  So shocking for so many people to imagine a world without his music.

To think he was on the verge of this big comeback.  Planning this incredible world tour.

I never realized how much of a fan of his I was until he was gone.  Then I wish I had off just paid more attention to just how talented he was.  I went back through my record collection.  I enjoyed the music again.  Then the movie came out, capturing his final days, his final rehearsals. I saw that movie in the theatre with my son, and then had to buy it for myself to rewatch it over and over.

It’s so hard to chose one song as your favourite, but this one would be in the top 10 simply because it inspires us to do better, do greater things, be kinder, be better people.

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