We’re Going To Miss You Dave….

Published On May 20, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Even though it’s been years since I have managed to stay up late enough to watch David Letterman, he will always be my favourite.  I remember finally getting to stay up late enough to watch him, and the laughter… laugh out loud indeed.  He made my parents laugh, and he made me laugh too.  I never got the other late night comics.  But I liked Dave — maybe because he reminds me of my own dad.

But I’m going to miss his crazy antics.  Tonight marks his last show.  The Foo Fighters will be the last band to perform on the show according to Entertainment Weekly.  Dave had them on the show after his heart surgery in 2000 claiming them to be his favourite band.


He’s had a ton of memorable guests over the years — Bill Murray has made an appearance on the show over 40 times and last night fell out of a cake.  He’s gone on the show dressed like Liberace, as a jockey and as a football player. He has also flown on the set in a Peter Pan getup, dressed in workout clothes while singing “Let’s Get Physical” and even took a dive in a dumpster filled with water and garbage.  Yup, nobody gets us to laugh like Bill Murray.


Who do you think will be one of the final guests?   Some speculation from NewsDay


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