We Are One Step Closer To The Jetsons.

Published On May 25, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I’m not sure why of all the sci-fi movies out there, my mind goes to the Jetsons when I think of technology.  A story today of a robot they nicknamed “Julia Child” can prepare a salad.  Cut up the vegetables, mix it up, add the dressing — and this is just the beginning.

Can you imagine?  Do you think you would ever feel comfortable with a robot that can do what you just don’t want to do anymore?

I am in awe of it, but at the same time — it scares me.  Maybe that’s why I go to the animated Jetsons.  Robots don’t attack the people in the cartoon world.  They are kind and caring.  You leave taking care of the human race to a machine?  I’m not so sure we wouldn’t be putting ourselves at risk.

Salad Making Robot technology is here.

Jetsons — the cartoon future of robots, and flying cars…..

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