This Is Crazy Stupid. I Kinda Want To Try It

Published On May 25, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Seriously.  There is something about this that just screams daredevil, adventure, excitement.  But that’s not the part of my brain that is speaking to me.  It’s like having the angel and the devil on your shoulder.  there’s a small voice that says, “That would be so much fun to try”.  Then the other voice – the responsible one – screams, “Are you kidding?  Are you nuts?  That would be so dangerous.  Plus you hate heights, and water, and deeper water even more.  You’re not that much fun.”  To which the other voice chimes in with, “Stop listening to that voice.  This is why we never have any fun….”

Let me ask you…..

WOULD YOU?  A 50 foot water slide.  Sounds fun.  But this water slide runs off a very high cliff.

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