The Internet Is Amazing. Rodents Aren’t.

Published On May 19, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

The long weekend just passed – the unofficial start to summer, and gardening season.

It’s amazing to discover new tricks for beautiful gardens. But would you hand everything over to the internet?  Leave it to technology to make it so you don’t have to lift a finger or even think.  The internet will help you cut your grass, water it, and even tell you when the tomatoes are ripe. You don’t have to do anything but download the app.  Seriously.

Introducing Edyn –  a solar-powered soil monitor that tracks and analyzes data in real time, then sends you notifications to let you know what your garden needs. The sensor tracks light, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and plant nutrition.  It will tell you what plants will do well in your garden, and even when to plant them.  It will recommend fertilizer and tell you when to enjoy the harvest.

The water valve hooks up to your existing sprinkler system and automatically waters your plants based on how much moisture they actually need.  If you’ve had rain, it skips watering.  If it’s dry, it adjusts.   Pretty cool.  But I have to admit I like the dirty work in my garden.  I like the hands on.  Not sure I could embrace technology like that.

Maybe the RoboMow.  A robot that will cut your grass. The City of Toronto has one to cut hard-to-reach places. But for a thousand dollars you can have one too.  It takes some work to set it up, setting boundaries with special wiring, but then the machine will cut your grass.  You can sip lemonade on the porch without breaking a sweat.

The Rachio Iro sprinkler controller connects to the web and downloads weather reports for your neighbourhood. This way, it’ll skip a watering if rain is in the forecast. Likewise, it can water longer or more often during a hot, dry spell.

You know what I need?  The answer to get rid of rodents that eat your hostas.  Over the long weekend, I noticed an entire leaf of one of my hostas disappearing under the fence.  Like a cartoon in a way.  Then I saw the little rodent come back for more.  Two of my hosta plants look like they’ve been shredded and now I know what happened.  It wasn’t my kids like I initially thought, or the cute little bunny that visits for the leftover bird seed on the ground.  Some say it’s a vole — which I discovered is also known as a field mouse, who love to eat hostas among other things.  Whatever it is, if you can tell me how to make my garden less appealing to the rodent I would greatly appreciate it.

Happy gardening!!




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