End of the 5 Day Work Week?

Published On May 12, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Well this is an interesting read.

Challenging the old as time 5-day work week.  Could we really ever get rid of what we know?  We curse Mondays.  We embrace long-weekends.  We talk to our co-workers and friends in sympathy, and share how just having that one extra day makes all the difference.  Would it ever be enough though?  Would we feel satisfied with a 3-day weekend?  Or would we adjust to that, and be searching for a 4-day weekend?  Are we really just too lazy and don’t want to work?  So many questions.

Read the full article HERE and then share your comments.  Would you ever say no to a shortened work week?  Would you split into teams?  And rotate long weekends?  I would gladly embrace a shorter week.  Maybe my house wouldn’t be such a mess!  (smile)


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