More Than Words – Late Night Style

Published On May 6, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black have made a little magic.  Jimmy Fallon is super talented, and has managed to impersonate so many big name artists.   This time, with some help from Jack Black on Monday nights show, the two became Extreme.  The wigs, the nails, that high voice.  Amazing really.  Singing that huge hit song More Than Words.  Jack is singer Gary Cherone, and with a guitar in hand, Jimmy Fallon is Nuno Bettencourt.  The hair, oh my, the hair.

It even impressed the guys in Extreme, Gary Caerone saying it may be their new “favourite version of the song”.

Nuno tells Rolling Stone, he was deeply flattered from the beginning of the video.  “But it was when Jimmy attempted my patented ‘hair pullback’ and nailed it…I got emotional. That brought tears to both my eyes, not just one.”

I had the chance to see Extreme years ago now and they were so good to see perform live.  But this one from Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black is worth watching again and again too.

Now, watch the original.

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