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Published On April 14, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

This is a big one and it bothers me for so many reasons.

I realize it’s a different world, and it’s unfair to compare our childhood to that of our children.  But aren’t we going too far parents, when you see a couple of kids in a park and you call the police?

A couple in Maryland made headlines when they let their children — ages 6 and 10 — walk home alone from a park and now they are under investigation again.  This time, their two kids were picked up by police, held for hours, before being handed over to Child Protective Services.

They dropped their kids off at a park at 4pm, with the understanding they would walk home at 6pm.  When they weren’t home by 6:30, they started looking for their kids.

Danielle Meitiv posted to her Facebook page Monday saying:

“The police coerced our children into the back of a patrol car, telling them they would drive them home. They kept the kids trapped there for three hours, without notifying us, before dropping them at the Crisis Center, and holding them there without dinner for another two and a half hours.”

Detectives from the Montgomery County Police and investigators from Child Protective Services are now investigating possible child neglect allegations in the case.

Read the full story here from CNN.


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