So, How Was Your Day?

Published On April 1, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I hate April 1. I hate not knowing what will happen, what could happen, who to be cautious of.  April Fool’s Day.  Congratulations if you made it through unscathed.  Sorry about your luck if you fell victim.

I admit I taped a few of the computer mice’s in the building.  It was someone else’s idea, but I’m guilty by association.  Is that what you call aiding and abetting?  Is that even a word?

But around the world, and especially online there was some brilliant pranks to be had.

Some of the best pranks – 1

More of the best

Still even more pranks

Did you fall for anything?  Have you pulled any pranks in the past that you’re still proud of today?


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