One To Watch.

Published On April 23, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

This is why I hate the internet.   It allows people to judge with no consequences.  Some people feel entitled to shame others, throw insults, and worse.  Can you imagine if every time we wanted to say something negative or hurtful to someone else in the safety of the internet, we turned it around and found something positive to say about someone else?  Can you imagine?

Cassey Ho photoshopped herself to prove a point.  She is a fitness guru.  After seeing all the mean comments viewers were making about her body, Ho decided to create a video where she designed the “perfect” body from those comments.

We will never be perfect.  How do you get to a point where you’re ok with who you are?

She posted a second picture AFTER the photoshop.  Sadly — people still hurled insults and told her she was too fat.

It’s not our self-esteem that needs work.  It’s how we treat others.  This is just sad.

BuzzFeed — Woman Photoshops Herself Into the Perfect Body


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