I Get So Emotional

Published On April 30, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

Wasn’t that a Whitney Houston song?  I get so emotional, baby.  And then I eat. (Ok that part is all me)

Yesterday, I was having a rough day.   Because I got caught up in the fact that I hadn’t had a minute to myself to do something I really enjoyed.  Like – read a book, journal, scrapbook, take a bath. Seriously – I make time for exercise. I’ve even increased that this week thanks to a friendly Fitbit challenge among friends (smile).

But sometimes – and please let me know if you can relate – the days all blur together in the busyness of life.  Little things take your free time away – laundry, filling up the toilet paper rolls, laundry, dishes, planning and preparing meals, homework that I struggle to understand so how can I possibly help my daughter – little things that prevent you from doing things just for YOU.  Which isn’t selfish by the way, but necessary.

But after work, my husband took our kids out and I suddenly had a few hours to myself.  And you know what I did – I didn’t read a book, or journal or scrapbook or take a bath.

I went to the kitchen.  I made myself a plate of microwave nachos – with Cheez Whiz.  High quality?  Nope.  Then I ate the vanilla frozen yogurt right out of the tub.  Hey, it’s mine.  Did I mention I added some chocolate sauce to it first?

So I’m not surprised that on this list of unhealthy eating habits, from Huffington Post this morning, I’m the emotional eater.  Brad Lamm believes WHY you eat is just as important as what you eat. The secret is to figure out what eating style you identify with, and learn how to stop yourself from overindulging.  That whole “eat your feelings” expression?  I feel it was created for me.

Learn what your habits are HERE.  Do you fit anything on the list?  What’s your go to food when you’ve had a bad day or are feeling stressed?  Or do you have will power and find some other way to cope?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

And while you figure out your unhealthy eating style, listen to some classic Whitney.  And turn it up, because it’s Whitney and she’s still amazing.

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